About Us



Coffee Wizards is a family run business that was born from one man's desire to enjoy great tasting coffee.  Since college Jeff Hood has been a huge coffee fan, that needs a couple of cups each morning to get his day going.   Like many of you, he's a purest of sorts and loves good, quality coffee. 


A few years back Jeff met a person that offered him some of their coffee.  It was the smoothest and best tasting coffee he had ever had.  When Jeff asked them where they got their coffee, they said they roasted it themselves.  He had never seen or heard of such a thing and they began to explain how they used a home roaster and roasted once a week their special green beans purchased online.  Jeff then started a new hobby and immediately purchased a home roaster and started weekly roasting green coffee beans.   He was hooked because the coffee was so much better.  Jeff could enjoy different types of coffee from different areas to experience different flavors.  Later, he began offering the coffee he roasted to family and friends. And the rest was history and thus Coffee Wizards was born  


In 2017 Jeff decided to take the next step and purchased a commercial roaster. He and his daughter started roasting and selling  fresh coffee beans at a local trade days in Post, TX.  Still today you can find Coffee Wizards at Old Mill Trade Days (Post, TX)- happy to serve you a wonderful cup of coffee or roast you your favorite coffee beans on-site.