Welcome to Coffee Wizards

Visit our coffee shop located at      508 N. Broadway in Post, Tx! Our friendly staff are ready to make you your perfect cup of coffee. From a simple cup to the an exotic concoction, we will make it. 

Truly Great Coffee

 Fresh coffee beans are the first and most important ingredient when it comes to brewing great tasting coffee. That's why Coffee Wizards is committed to roasting all their coffee beans, fresh each day. Freshness and richness go hand in hand with the best coffee and we take pride in putting that perfect cup in your hand. 

Pour-over Coffee 

Pour-over coffee is a trend sweeping over countries and iconic coffee houses alike.  With pour-over coffee, we are able to control the speed of the brewing process. The slower the pour, the more flavors the water is able to pull from the coffee grounds. The result is a richer & bolder cup of coffee to satisfy the taste buds of any true coffee connoisseur. 

With the pour-over method you have more control over your coffee. The grind, pour speed, and bean to water ratio, all contribute to the taste of your perfect cup. 


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