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Making Coffee




Coffee Wizards was born in 2017 when we opened a booth at our local trade days selling freshly roasted coffee beans.


Jeff, one of the founders, has always enjoyed coffee and started a hobby over 15 years ago of roasting his own coffee from home. He enjoyed the experience of freshly roasted coffee beans as they were so much better than anything he could get at the local store. He continues to enjoy roasting many different coffees and bringing the best out of every coffee bean we carefully select for our customers.


In June of 2020, we moved to our current location that is both a coffee roaster and active coffee shop. Dawna who is also a founder had always dreamed of opening a coffee shop in our community and we brought our two passions and dreams together. Customers come from all over to experience our coffee. Many continue to order coffee beans from us online where we have an amazing process of quickly batch roasting and shipping your order out all within 24 hours.

Meet the 


Dawna and Jeff Hood are the founders and owners of Coffee Wizards. We love coffee and love bringing amazing coffee to our community and beyond.

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